SYLVAIN BEZIA, aka TIME COMPOSER, is a multifaceted artist. At all times, in all periods of history, everyone feels his music as pure emotion, unclassifiable and timeless. He travels through various musical styles, finding inspiration in his sonic encounters and sound experiences to create beautiful melodies immortalized on his albums.





His retro-futuristic electronic universe, acoustic and vibrant, leads his audience to the rhythm of his compositions, towards an unknown destination. He goes from the piano to the synthesizer and, then, to the laser harp, and he performs his works in duets with renowned artists, orchestras and choirs. In his shows, Time Composer mixes his melodies with the rays of his laser harp, thus creating a very original performance, a one-of-a-kind combination of sound and visual effects.



Time Composer is one of the very few to master this rare instrument, which has a specialized technology. It was created ten years ago and has been developed and improved ever since by a team of three engineers to meet his technical ideas and requirements. Time Composer, then, invented the laser-piano Stella, bringing together his three favorite instruments : piano, laser harp and synthesizer.



Time Composer is sponsored by the  Harpe Laser team and the worldwide-known synthesizer brand KORG. His musical and artistic approach is supported by many professionals such as Kurt Ader, one of the best sound designers ; Antoine Chabert, mastering engeneer of Daft Punk ; Brahim Rachiki, the choregraph of Madonna and Michaël Jackson ; Philippe Brodu, chairman of Korg France ; guitarist Kilian Amacker, conductor Eric Darrigrand and illustrator Quentin Dognon.



Time Composer is the official composer of the French National Olympic and Sporting Committee's official anthem "Sentez-vous sport". He also played several shows for the "Club de France de Rio" at the opening of the 2016 Olympic Games, with Manu Dibango and Fabrice Di Falco.



Time Composer composed a song and created a unique show for the launching of the new Porsche 911 in Germany. Since then, the company is interested in his artistic projects and advertises widely his concerts.



Art, in all its forms, is the medicine of modern life. It is synonymous with dreams. Time Composer's world is appealing, it is undeniable, it is musical. He fills the public with admiration. This adventure awaits you...

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