Time Composer comes from the future


Follow his musical adventures !


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In the year 2270, following a musical experiment, TIME COMPOSER discovers his ability to travel through time. Using the magical rays of his laser-piano "STELLA", he teleports himself through time and various civilizations in history to the rhythm of his melodies.


His retro-futuristic electronic universe, acoustic and vibrant, leads his audience to the rhythm of his compositions towards an unknown destination. He goes from the piano to the synthesizer and, then, to the laser harp and performs his works in duets with renowned artists, orchestras and choirs. In his shows, Time Composer mixes his melodies with the rays of his laser harp, thus creating a very original performance, a one-of-a-kind combination of sound and visual effects.



Contact & Booking

Artist Manager : Anne Duhamel

Phone : + 49 (0) 178 403 89 93

Mail : info@historiatravel.com


Once there lived a Time Composer…


IIn the year 2270, I discovered the secret of the gates of time !


My magical ring, charged with my strongest emotions, opened a time warp and propels me with my Piano-Laser "Stella" towards different times, to the rhythm of my melodies !