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Laser Harp performer, composer, pianist. Show Harpe Laser, compositeur, pianiste.
Time Composer - Music Box

MUSIC BOX - Electro version

 Available July 24, 2020


This electro-romantic version is originally a waltz composed by the artist Time Composer in an orchestral version.


Fascinated since childhood by music boxes, hence the title MUSIC BOX, the artist was also influenced by the music of the splendid waltzes of great balls. These waltzes give him the impression of being in the middle of the effervescence of a fairy tale. So with this title, he fulfils his childhood dream in music and reopens his Pandora's box to make you dream and dance to the electro rhythm of his first futuristic waltz .


 This Single was recorded in the famous Studios Ferber in Paris, with 70 musicians of the symphonic orchestra "Ensemble Instrumental Donna Musica" and specially arranged by the conductor Eric Darrigrand.




In the year 2270, following a musical experience, Time Composer discovered time travel. Thanks to the multicolored rays of his Piano-Laser, he teleports to the rhythm of his melodies through time and the various civilizations of History...


A composer with a strong sense of melody, Time Composer shares his emotions between his piano and his retro-futuristic universe on the Laser Harp. His electro style blends perfectly with the vintage romance of his piano compositions. The artist is also a true showman offering his audience impressive shows with multicolored laser beams vibrating to the rhythms of his melodies.


Time Composer embodies a science-fiction musician living in 2270 in a destroyed world. In order to discover the beauties of a vanished world, he uncovers the secret of the gates of time and sets off on a journey as luminous as it is melodious, through history and the centuries.

Laser Harp performer, composer, pianist. Show Harpe Laser, compositeur, pianiste.
Laser Harp

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