Music is life, a spiritual escape and a journey.


Its creation has always taken me to other worlds, connecting music to dreams. Thus, the album's name : Teleportation.


This first album mixes technology with acoustic instruments and all of my emotions .

Journey to the Forbidden City


It's impossible to resist the astonishing and fascinating world of this first duet album by Sylvain Bezia and Guo Gan. Combining modern technologies and traditional instruments, Eastern and Western culture, the two artists take you on a unique voyage through time and across borders.


Everything starts on a summer's evening in the streets of Paris when, hearing a ballad, Sylvain falls for the magic of a distant and intoxicating Erhu. Some time later, he meets Guo Gan.


This new friendship is the prelude to "Journey to the Forbidden City".


First Time


The new project of Sylvain Bezia : Once there lived a Time Composer…


In the year 2270, following a musical experiment, the artist Time Composer discovers his ability to travel through time.The captivating lights of his laser-piano "Stella" unfold musical notes propelling him on a journey through time.


Join him on a musical adventure through the ages and fly with him on his magical melodies to destinations unknown...

A New Beginning


Discover the single "A New Beginning", the ideal song to meditate, relax and calmly prepare for your end of year celebrations !

Time Jump


In the year 2270, I discovered the secret of the gates of time ! My magical ring, charged with my strongest emotions, opened a time warp and propels me with my Piano-Laser "Stella" towards different times, to the rhythm of my melodies !

Music Box


Discover my composition "Music Box", recorded with the Ensemble Instrumental Donna Musica under the direction and arranged by Eric Darrigrand. Recorded at Studios Ferber Paris.