The artist's debut album with 13 tracks in a new-age style mixing the most dynamic rhythms with softly melancholic melodies.

Journey to the Forbidden City


Duo album with Erhu's Chinese master, Guo Gan. An immersive album of 10 tracks that plunges the audience into the world of the Forbidden City and its secret gardens. An encounter between futuristic notes and the Chinese ancestral string instrument, the Erhu.



First Time


This 4-track EP launches the artistic concept of Time Composer. It unveils pure, inspiring and rhythmic music that draws everyone into a unique musical experience. Mastered by Antoine Chabert, this album is also composed with the sound creations of Sound Designer Kurt Ader.


Time Jump



At the crossroads between the worlds of Daft Punk and Kavinsky, this single is a continuation of the EP First Time, and tells the story of Time Composer's first time jumps.


Music Box


A waltz born from the excitement of a fairy tale! A wonderful blend of the artist's reverie at the piano accompanied by the magic of an orchestra. This Single was recorded in the famous Studios Ferber in Paris with 70 musicians of the symphonic orchestra Ensemble Instrumental Donna Musica and specially arranged by the conductor Eric Darrigrand


Carousel of Life


The artist's first acoustic album, which transports you with its 7 tracks into a world full of dreams and passions. Entirely composed and performed on the piano, Time Composer lets his emotions speak for themselves here...